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Frequently Asked Questions



What are your hours of operation?

We operate 24/7/365

Do you do local or regional deliveries?

We will go anywhere in the continental US

Will my freight be cross docked or moved to another truck?

NEVER! Once your freight has been loaded it will not be moved until we are
at your customers dock.

After my freight is loaded when will it be delivered?

You tell us. We can deliver direct or first thing the next a.m. just keep in
mind we do not have teams so if it is a delivery to another state we need
time to get there!

What is an LTL?

Less than a truckload. That means the load is not big enough to fill a semi
so our straight trucks are perfect!
Our rates are not based on # of skids, just how many miles we are going.

How much can you haul?

We can fit 12 regular size skids in our trucks and haul up to 11,000#'s

Do you have any specialty equipment?

WE DO! We have a 24' flatbed with tarps, straps & chains. You can also
request lift gate trucks and pallet jacks!

How can I get a rate?

Call our 24 hr dispatch # at 419-281-6346. We would love to help you with